Seirawan Chess

#11 The rule is:
"The elephant and the hawk are introduced to the game in the following way: whenever the player moves a piece from its starting position (that hasn't already been moved), one of the pieces in hand MAY be placed immediately on the square just vacated."

Note the word "may" - a player would need a way to indicate being done with a turn.
You could do that for example by putting a piece on the square (b1 for example) and only then moving the original piece, that way you can easily indicate finishing the turn only by moving the piece on the board.
I would consider having hawk and elephant buttons beside the chessboard, and clicking one before you make your move. Also, consider the notation:
1. d4 Nf6@E 2. Nf3@H
Another pitfall: Obviously, there are no chess glyphs in Unicode for elephant and hawk, so one could either just use E and H, or possibly 🐘 and 🐦 (the closest emoji to a hawk). Or! One could use a special font with characters designed in the reserved codepoints. Translators would need to provide the suitable letters in their languages for both, as well.
well, i like fisherrandom cuz its still chess but without openings study
In Schess, the opening study is very very twisted, if that helps. 1. e4 is comparatively unplayable, and if a gambit was unsound before, it's totally awful now. Being a pawn up, and other smaller advantages are now entirely insignificant, the variant takes a turn for the incredibly dynamic, due to there being so much more firepower on the board. Also, the variant pretty much takes away white's first-move advantage, since the game is far less symmetrical.
Love the idea of bringing S-Chess to life. Go for it! Especially if Yasser has given the nod already.

Personally I always thought placing the piece immediately after you move is too much power in one tempo. I'd rather just be able to place the pieces on an open back rank square instead of moving. But hey, Yasser defined it as it is for a reason I suppose.
As far as I can tell, S-chess has NO digital implementation, so far. FICS had antichess, etc. A lot of fairy chess variants (ones with new/altered pieces) really have an extra hurdle to jump for implementation. But this has real potential, on Lichess. It's a lot of new theory to create, we can blaze the trail!

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