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#30 By "2. Indicating moved..." I mean that a lichessTV observer who understands the rules and happens upon an in-progress game needs to know which back rank pieces have already moved. In most variants the move history is less important.
oh! okay, I get it now. Well, I mean, it's a bit more important than en passant. Maybe a thin outline around which backrank squares haven't been disturbed?
I saw a chessbrah video today where GM Seirawan explains some S-Chess endgame theory. It was so exciting to watch! It'll be great if S-Chess is included in Lichess as a variant. I'm sure it'll take off, maybe even more than Crazyhouse did.
@milwac I linked that video! It's fantastic. I'm messing around with implementing it myself, if lichess doesn't.
@ianremsen That's awesome. I also wonder why people think it might be difficult. In fact the implementation is pretty straightforward from a programmer's point of view. We have already :

Queen moves = Rook moves + Bishop moves

where Rook and Bishop moves are already implemented. Now we just need to combine Knight moves with the other two for the Elephant and Hawk move generation. IMO this is simpler to implement than, say, Antichess, Atomic or Racing Kings.

Regarding piece placement, I liked the idea which someone suggested before - placing the Elephant and Hawk below a piece and then move the piece. This should automatically place the E/H after the original piece has moved. Also, for the notation, since promotions are given by, for example,


we can have something similar

Nf3@H or Nf3@Hg1

Designing the 2D glyphs and 3D models isn't much of a deal either I think. They already have those implemented here :
@milwac wonderful, I never even knew those glyphs existed! Another problem solved! And yeah, implementing the moves was relatively straightforward (Thanks, @Twipply) but the choice to spawn pieces after first move/castling is a bit more complicated.
e: problem solved if permission is granted to use the glyphs (are fonts copyrightable?)
Why can't you just spawn pieces by first dropping a piece onto the piece you want to move (like in crazyhouse but on a vacated square) and then you move your regular piece as an indication of a finished move? I have something resembling a demo. The big thing I haven't implemented is the placement rules (All I did was replace each knight with an elephant and hawk), and I don't know how to do that. (Obviously, I'm not capable of making it internet multiplayer) If anybody could help me with that, please let me know! Feel free to download the code and edit it.
@ianremsen Cool. I recommend uploading your demo to GitHub (preserving the MIT license of the code you started from) to attract and facilitate contributions.

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