Lichess voice chat

Thank you. So if I hear something I don't like, I can act like I never heard it and no one will know. That's fair enough.

Amazing! I'll try that with a friend. Nice work! Thank you :)

Please look at this screenshots. Here is how "voice chat" button eating CPU after pressing (when blinking):

1. Before pressed (not blinking):
(we can see, browser don't eating CPU)

2. After pressing (blinking):
(this animation occupying whole CPU core resources)

Same effect on the "Rematch" button too (all where same kind of animation used). Please, make animation another way without CPU eating. It is very bad for not-super-puper-powerful hardware.


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It'd be hilarious if it was implement more places, like in tournament chat where anyone can join. Though I guess trolls would make it impossible to actually get it to function.

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