Lichess voice chat

"It'd be hilarious if it was implement more places, like in tournament chat where anyone can join. Though I guess trolls would make it impossible to actually get it to function."

but we need this to happen

I don't think,if it is needed in the tournament.Imagine 10,000 players for example in marathon tourney,and all of them speaking.What a noise... :)

@thibault, this is a fantastic feature from teaching standpoint - online lessons for kids will be so much more effective now. Is there any feature in the works to allow the communication to be one-way only? (So only the teacher can talk). This would enable a “group lesson” scenario while potentially solving the multi-channel issue you mentioned (when there are more than 5 participants).

Im hesitating to click on that button because i dont know how to disable it again, will this be possible in the resulting GUI?

I would love if someone could upload a video somewhere, showing how it looks.

I hope its not a option that if someone has it enabled i have to hear them blabbing while i play? I hope there is an option to disabled it on both ends. I do not think Edge is even supported for this site but i might be wrong. You may want to stay away from using edge until Microsoft fixes it because its going to Chromium based eventually.

It's opt-in feature, i.e. it's disabled by default. Both ends have to enable it for it to work, you won't get nudged or notified if someone does.

Oh that's better then ... but they must have an ability to remove it again once its enabled or Opt-in .

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