Lichess voice chat

@ thibault

Thanks a lot for this feature. I guess some options may give players more freedom of speech.

1. As default - do let more than 2 people be connected at the same time unless we can decide who can be joined as 3rd, 4th participant etc.

2. After breaking up (losing) the connection I could not connect again to my opponent even if we started another game (the phone icon was bliking and it showed the massage: "voice is stopped").

3. Is it possible to add some option to have it turned on when I want to play against the same player next games? Or it is obligatory to turn it on every time I start another game?

Thanks a lot for providing great features :).
I love voice chat, I have tried it in two games so far and from Australia, I can chat with someone from Greek.

i think it is best to feature camera as well as voice call. So one side can show just voice only and the other side also with live video, really similar to facetime/google duo/skype options and soon enough online chess is not a quiet, lonely game anymore.
Yeah it's a really useful application although it lags sometimes. For calls from across countries it only works sometimes. Or maybe its a fault from my end

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