Lichess voice chat

It's able to be used in studies!

Well not yet, but probably tomorrow it will.

Cool feature. Excited to see it in studies!

This is actually so cool. I mean, I won't use it just because people will probably be toxic when they win, but I'm happy that the community wants this. The amount of positive progress Lichess has made in the past two years is why I left

Does it also work on mobile app or only on mobile browser?

Is it now working in all and not just the games created by play with a friend? I saw an option in a correspondence game that was started when my opponent accepted a seek that I sent.

It's now available in every game, as player or spectator. Also in analysis and studies.

Note that you can never call anyone. Only pick up volontarily, and maybe someone is on the line.

That way I don't think there's any room for poking or harass. If you don't want voice chat, don't pick up the phone. It's always OFF by default.

Note that conversations will get choppy as more people are added. 2 is ideal, 3 should work, 5 probably won't.

Voice calls are peer-to-peer, they can't be spied on, they can't be moderated. If you don't like what you hear, hang up.


Is it possible to make button animation without blinking? Such animation eating one core on 100% ...