Fire in a Lichess data center

Last night at 2:40 AM UTC, an OVH data center caught fire. No-one was harmed, but thousands of servers were lost. Here's how the disaster affects Lichess:

- Puzzles, Puzzle Storm, game GIF exports and push notifications went down, but we restored them
- Opening explorer is down, it might take a couple days to get it back, since it contains terabytes of data
- 24h of puzzle history was lost as we restored a backup from another data center.

Apart from that, we're fine and operating as usual. This incident doesn't put Lichess at risk, and doesn't weaken it in any way.

A data center is a building where thousands of servers run and power websites. Lichess rents many servers, which are spread in several data centers, so we always have backups when an incident like this happens.
very much sad and hope the best for the people at lichess
The Thing is, Lichess operates like there was no fire- thats how good it is

Its just a bit sad to see the cost of the servers go to waste due to a fire.

I dont mean to incite spamming, but can we get a horsey to show how much we appreciate what Lichess do for us?
Very sorry to hear that, Thibault. Hope it gets better soon.
shucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope lichess does not end


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