Fire in a Lichess data center

The main thing is no one got harmed. But it is really dangerous, but I know lichess will never get affected even though a fire crashes! First I actually though, there was fire in this forum and I was really confused lol
Hi Thibault I hope that the fire didn't affect lichess and I hope that no one is hurt.
Oh my...
That's terrible. I'm so glad you're trying to put everything back @thibault
After all that's happened, you're continuing to fix and add more fun to millions of people online.

Thank you so much, and thanks for everything you've done.
The first time I saw somebody say this, I thought it was just a joke...
But when more such posts came, I was worried. And that does look scary(the image).
Hopefully everything is fine.
My doubt - How did the fire start?
The main thing is no one got harmed and i hope lichess servers recover soon Good luck Hope everything is good and hackers do not even think to hack lichess they are so strong that they can hack u keep in mind. I feel sorry about that fire

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