Feature request: to finish playing a game with a computer, when your opponent resigned.

feature complete! click on the FEN string under any finished game (that is not a checkmate or stalemate) to continue from the position.

You can also start from any arbitrary FEN position when starting a game against the AI or a friend! Choose the FEN variant (instead of Standard or Chess960) and paste the FEN string. It can come from any other site, or be written by hand.

The feature is very new so expect hiccups, and report what you find here so I can fix it.


Small improvement: Could you make the FEN string clickable (with the tooltip "continue from here" etc.) in the analysis mode as well, as requested earlier?

This way it would be easy to continue from ANY position, not only the final one. Of course the FEN string can still be used manually, but since the code is ready for the game page...

Thanks for the awesome site!

Thibault actually is a wizard

He needs to start a religion so I can worship him properly

chesscaptcha! :D

Guess I could make it for him.

I guess I could start a Team on "Thibaultism" as my very first team to test out that feature for myself , have not bothered to make any teams yet


I've waited for this feature for long....
in the past I had to use other websites for this (e.g., etc...), but since now I can use my favorite site!

thanks Thibault!!!

the first little bug that I found:

normally, you can't have a draw by agreement against the AI

and you can't have a draw while the king is in check

so, what's up here???

I got it now!

it's a little tricky, you have to mate within 50 moves, otherwise the AI claims a draw...

so #19 was no bug actually :-)

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