Computer analysis not working

I can not analyse my games.
Usually I analyse 15 or so games a day. I download pgn files. But from last week I can analyse only one game a day, what is sad. I have never analysed unfinished games to find easier way to win or cheat. All games I analyse are finished and they played by me. Please, help me to solve this problem.

@decsnow now we are pretty confident that you are downloading pgn files of unfinished games and analize them in a separate tab to find an easier way to win or cheat )

@Lukhas Would it be possible to add some sort of "visible counter" to the analysis, so that one would know how many analysis one have left for the day/week? Or some sort of popup message when you get low on analysis credits, like a text saying "You have only 3 analysis left today/this week!"

Its annoying when they just stop suddenly and you cant keep track of when you are running low on them.

Thanks in advance for any development you can do on this matter!

I am decided to donate my small CPU to the Fishnet and now there is a curious situation. The Fishnet is pretty much idle, my node doesn't receive any tasks in the last 6 seconds, but I can't analyze games because I run out of credits for this week. Yes I understand that Fishnet is also consuming energy but people are ok with it and donated their resources to you. It is not ok if the Fishnet is staying idle but users cant analyze games.

The limits should probably be only applied when the Fishnet is run out of resources and lifted when it is free.

I can make 4 computer-analyse. after that no more.

I am limited to 6 analysis per day. And I do far less then 100 analysis per Week. It‘s usually about 50.
Is there something wrong the limit?

I`m very glad that you have raised my limit to 5. Thank you:) But could you please make it 15? It would be little bit more than enough to learn.

Lichess is a great site. The only problem is the computer analysis.

@korobok2 I did the same and after the first 30 min of fishnet not using my CPU, it has been doing it non stop since then. It doesn't bother me at all, even though it uses 90%+ of my CPU. My computer is not slower, I don't hear the fans more (only intensive GPU usage does that) so it is all good. If I ever wanted more CPU, I can stop fishnet anyway.
It is really easy and fast to install fishnet (like 2 min) and you can see which games have been analysed by your PC (like 1min30 per game on my 5 year old PC), which is nice.

@pasteurpowa yes it is currently very busy. But it was free when I wrote the previous comment yet I was not allowed to analyze my game on the site, Fishnet just stood idling at the time.

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