Computer analysis not working

I am new here. I can’t get the running commentary after I make my move when I play the computer. Is this the same issue you speak of?

@ouhman "What's the current ratio of games analyzed with fishnet (users) vs lichess' cloud ?"

Roughly two thirds users for one third lichess "cloud". Hard to do an exact comparison since some fishnet users have CPUs that put our cheap servers to shame and are worth double or triple one of ours :)

@ByHookOrByHook This topic is not related to any commentary issue. It's related to new changes made regarding the game analysis (learn from your mistakes) that you can run at the end of a game.

Indirectly, yes, since Lichess would have more money to spend on cloud or bare metal servers for game analysis.

But not via raising your account limit by paying a fee, that's not the Lichess ethos :)

@Lukhas Any idea how much Lichess would need to raise the sitewide limit by a meaningful amount? (Say 2x or more?)

Running into this same issue... Can I take a moment and thank you for providing LiChess!!!! It's been fantastic. Would it be possible to let my computer do the "Request a Computer Analysis". Meaning like a setting in our profile. That way we wouldn't burden the lichess servers.

@Josephqwerty This is a good suggestion, imho! Hopefully the devs can look into this possibility :)
Thank you so much for Lichess btw! The analysis feature is such a boon for someone like me... I was much relieved since this is a paid service in the other major chess sites... Really, thanks a lot, Lichess.

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