Can we have lichess titles?

That reminds me of chess24, where I've got a medal for successfully installing their app.

Seems silly to me. If you want a title put in the work and get a real one.

tl;dr such "title" suggestions would lead to a flood of "titles" and yeah what category would you refer the "titled" rating to etc.
If anything it could be something more like badges, e.g. on Twitch/Youtube there are badges for duration of subscribership / membership

@Andym801 all do not have access to fide competitions to have a title...and online chess is not believable...because someone might have a net issue and lose because of a timeout...over the board chess is the real format...lichess had bud this platform for everyone to interact with each other...even if you now win against a titled players online in lichess you will not get the official fide title...

Titles are given to people who have done the hard work to receive them. If everybody has titles, 1) it will be a mess and 2) actual titles will lose value "I already have a title so I'm as 'cool' as the GMs". Instead, as I suggested, make an achievement/achievement badge system, similar to or khan academy.

I think there should be tags to describe ourselves.

Amateur, Newbie, Beginner, Attacking, Defencive, Veteran, etc. And we get to choose any 3 to describe ourself.

#37 Currently players are treating rating points like titles and getting upset when they're not even 2000 etc. Titles would help players form a more realistic sense of achievement and stop complaining that Lichess ratings aren't the same as FIDE, USCF, etc.