Can we have lichess titles?

In my opinion, Titles are privileges, not something you can say "Hi I will take ___ Title"

You have to Earn it!

Also, people may just play to get title which isn't Chess.

Anyway, isnt followers a achievement of recognition?

Titles are only good because they signify that the player has achieved mastership over the game. Cool orange letters next to your name should not be the drive to get better. If you're playing chess to have the letters, I suggest you rethink the reasons for playing chess. I might as well give the title to an 800 player, which says nothing.(I am rewording a lot of the previous posts)

Titles IMO to player's are like what Bruce Lee equated belts in martial arts to. That is they're only good for holding your pants up.

the thing is +1700 isn't master level. 90% of games are decides based on blunders/tactics/setting up a trick and the occasional outplay

there should be exclusive lichess titles but it should be based on trophies that people get, e.g. top 100 bullet get a bluet master, or titles for winning marathons, as well as this the unique trophies (way of bezerk and zug i think) should give those players a respective title.
another idea would be when a player gets a high amount of games (time will have to be taken into account) they get a special title?

Ya,they should have given the wrong proposal...It should be as follows...
>1200 Lichess Beginner
>1500 Lichess Amateur
>1800 Lichess Intermediate
>2000 Lichess Expert
>2200 Lichess Master

in all categories including variants and encourages people to become better...because they feel they are left behind...and they run behind the train and after some time they get onto it...

And again, my answer is: Cool orange letters beside your name and a cool-sounding title should not be your stimuli to improve. A title is a cool thing to have, and a good approximation of where to strive, but shouldn't be the main stimuli.