Can we have lichess titles?

As a pessimist by design, my prediction for this being implemented is:
+ more cheating
+ more complains about cheating
+ more complains about losses caused by bugs (my opponent only had a knight ...)
+ more complains about the unfairness of lag compensation
+ more mockery from people coming from other sites about the value of lichess titles

It is better not to be pessimistic. This offer increases the motivation of the players and they practice more to get a better title. As an IM tries to become a GM.

Everyone knows that Lichess's titles are not real titles, but these titles help them improve.

I feel like rating floors themselves are quite the motivation for improvement... adding titles seems superfluous and almost childish, and as I said earlier, useless (everyone is titled in one way or the other, therefore the titles are essentially worthless, aka no scarcity).

#1 #18 #21 This is one issue where opinions among staff are divided.

#22 The elephant in the room is that Lichess made the mistake of showing player ratings. For years I have recommended that literally anything be done to distract players from using that number as a measure of achievement, and pointed to successful examples like online-go and 81Dojo. I'm not saying it's easy to get this right, but that there must be a way to improve over the status quo.

If we added lichess titles, actual titles would lose their merit somewhat. After all, if everybody has a sort of title, they would feel more "superior", but that's about it. Sure, it encourages players at times to go up, but it's really pointless. If you want to have it, have titles at 1000, 1500, and 2000, and that's about it. Even then, I don't see the point of titles. It's just more of a "feeling superior or feeling like a GM because I have a title". Instead, add achievements for reaching certain rating that shows as small trophy badges in your profile. It also gives an initiative to people while not devaluing actual titles.

That is enough titles to aspire

guys,i think that,we have got platform from lichess to play chess and interact...they have done a lot for is such a great place to play chess...we are able to interact with official titles players....why make titles for us...they have helped a lot already...