Can we have lichess titles?

A sense of achievement is what drives people to become better. It would be really awesome if we could have more titles than the official fide titles that we have now.

I propose,
>1200 Lichess Amateur
>1500 Lichess Intermediate
>1700 Lichess Expert
>2000 Lichess Master

What if someone is so good at, say UB cause they're quick, but they're way worse at rapid? The 2000 UB ratings and the 700 rapid ratings would get it skewed.

We should have different titles in different categories. So your player would be a Lichess Master in UB, but won't hold a title in rapid. When he plays a UB game, it would say LM before his username but won't say anything when he plays a rapid game.

Some years ago, there was a LM (Lichess Master, some ratings over 2300). But there were less players than today. If you give titles like that, they wouldn't be so precious as FM/IM/GM - WFM/WIM/WGM currently are.

The idea here is that people would want to get better to hold better titles. An untitled 800 would want to improve to become a titled Amateur. A 1600 Intermediate would be really motivated to climb 100 points and be recognized as an Expert player by the website and the community. Someone who is rated 2000+ but doesn't play much OTB chess would be really happy to be known as Lichess Master.

Again, if it's easy to get the LM title (and +2000 is someting doable for many players on the website), people will get bored of title. And why would you be more motivated if there is a title. Have a rating target, and you'll be motivated enough in my opinion.

LM wouldn't make me dream, even the FM isn't that representative. You just have to cross 2300 (which is quiet hard but still). IM and GM (same for woman titles) are real title, you have to play well over several tournaments to get it

Maybe Lichess Master could be more exclusive? reserved for the top 2 percentile or something

There should be some recognition for those of us who have a lot of chess books.

I propose "Book master" as a title if you have 60 or more chess books. ( I have 60 chess books ).

Making many easy-to-get titles is like printing a bunch of money: they just decrease in value (like inflation) until they are all worthless.
No point really.

What about love and passion for the game as drive for people to become better instead?