Bongcloud trophy

Just make it so the king must go to either e2 or e7 on or before move 5. Nice and simple, no confusion about what counts or not (what constitutes asap?), no trivial mates.

Special tournament trophies should maybe be restricted to daily/weekly/monthly official tournaments just to ensure adequate competition (off peak tournaments almost always have much lower average ratings). - and with this restriction the re-opening of the way of the berserk trophy should be in order, as fins expressed interest in going for it ;) I don't really understand the hard cap on trophies to begin with.

Alright, here's a new amend.

If you are black, and white second move is Qh5, then you don't have to bongcloud this game at all. It will still count as a bongcloud for the challenge.

So people can force-break your bongcloud streak.

Hopefully once the trophees are attributed, we'll be able to click somewhere to see the corresponding games.

"So people can force-break your bongcloud streak."

One level above things you thought you'd never hear, which is actually hard to describe with words.

Also I meant "cannot" of course. So people cannot break your streak.

I believe trophies should be sort of like achievements, where anyone can attain them. It's odd that only one person should be able to attain the trophy if multiple people can achieve the same thing. For example, if someone berserks and wins every game in the hourly bullet arena, then why would they not get the trophy for doing the exact same thing? Same goes for beating Stockfish 8 in a 1+0 time control or being the 4th person to complete the bongcloud.

You guys are nuts. :-D
I wish I had what it takes, this trophy has to be the coolest of them all (nevermind the combination of them: "chess enthusiast barely survives 24h hour marathon but turns into right out berserker; thankfully recovers through bongcloud streak...").

#27 best point ever made on this site, gave me a real belly laugh