Bongcloud trophy

oh I spoke too soon, the results all seem to be "Zukertort Opening, Psyche Variation"

Yeah there's a bug with it. Will be fixed ASAP.

#7 is right, black with Bongcloud opening can easily lose in first 3 moves.


True, but that only applies when white is aware of you accepting the challenge, or if white has 2. Qh5 as a standard reply in his opening repertoire to answer 1. ..e5. The opening is a bit of a gamble anyway.

Well, you can screw up anyone trying to win the challenge before you easily with that response as white - he has to make another move or get mated and lose the game and the challenge.

Yup. Then it is time to start over the challenge.

It would not matter too much if that specific response is already used in the first few games, you can just start over without too much time loss. In fact, it would surprise me if anyone is up to the task of winning every game in the Bongcloud variation if that specific response is never used. We'll see.

Alright, let's change the rules then. Would that work?

-- when facing, as black, 1. e4 e5 2.Qh5, you are exceptionally allowed to delay Ke7. But you must play it ASAP.

funny thing you can keep on harassing black if you're 100% sure black is going for the challenge — by not letting him play Ke7 or threatening deadly checks :D

challange should be only for white pieces games
most realistic is like this