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hey gang --- please explain berzerk??????????

Berserk is where u half time at the beginning of the match, and if u win it doubles ur tournament points. look at a tournament homepage for more details :)

21:30 EST chessbrahs will be making ANOTHER ATTEMPT!!


Most likely Chessbrahs or hiimgosu will be the first to prove a win on getting this trophy, and I'm not even gonna try lol

Congratulations chessbrahs, you got it. i watched the first attempt yesterday, and it was funny and amazing. Berzerk Bongcloud some wins against high rated players.

gg chessbrahs!!

@chessbrah, lesson learned — don't play bongcloud in 5 0 :D

Have all 3 bongcloud trophies been taken yet?!

My god how did he do it... I genuinely expected this achievement to go unclaimed for years, but the chessbrah defies all assumptions.

Anyway, the tournament:

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