When do you guys think that your opponent could be dishonest?

@Onyx_Chess What happened to your second crying baby video? Is Mr. "No Fear" getting cold feet? Sheesh, don't stop now. You've acquitted yourself so well these past 24 hours.

I think my opponent is being dishonest when he tells me he will build a wall and that Mexico will pay for it.

I worked for many years on another server doing comp detection. I was good at my job and I could nail 'em a mile away. There are a lot of tell-tale signs someone is using an engine, but I won't go into them here. I have even proven that believed cheaters were not, in fact, cheating. At least one of them is chess famous to this very day haha. Also, patterns, of course, of winning/losing vs certain opponents and et cetera. point is, if you suspect someone of cheating, as has been said in this thread, block and report them.


@SupremePatzer this is like one of those times where in a completely irrelevant chess video the comments turn into socialism vs capitalism

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