When do you guys think that your opponent could be dishonest?

@Onyx_Chess Thanks, but I’m not into rap and this isn’t 4chan. If you have something to say, do you think you could say it yourself?


Really? You don't like rap?

I would never have guessed that...

Because you are great at listening to other people...

Plus you seem so open-minded and intelligent...

And by the way, that wasn't rap, it was poetry.
It's what intelligent people do when a poet has stated something that applies perfectly. We quote it.

@Onyx_Chess At this point, it seems your argument has devolved into throat-clearing, a rap video, and a whole lot of snark. I’m going to suggest we both move on to something more productive. Thanks.


You and your group of little fiction-writers need to take a rest.
Get on your bicycles and peddle yourselves to the library.

Read books until you can understand why intelligent people feel that you should be ignored.
Then read some more until you come back and impress us by contributing something productive and of benefit to the discussion.

I can just as easily reflect the snide, snarky, snippyness that you and your brood have been projecting onto me since the jump of this conversation, but I have no desire in wasting the mods' time by having them close this thread...which I suspect will happen any it's clear that I have nothing productive left to add, and that you have nothing productive to contribute in the first place.

Its hilarious that you actually believe that name calling, insults, and being a forum nazi is contributing something intelligent. You are nothing but a wannabe internet bully. So please go use whatever petty little power you have at this site and shut the topic down. Yaje your widdle toys and go home where you can continue your tantrum all day.


"I believe that I should tell everyone about how every second person that they're playing at Lichess, is probably cheating. I'll infer that the anti-cheat is doing an atrocious job and also that cheating can't be mitigated or controlled. Sharing these lies will help things." - Mr. Dizzy "Dimwit" Dingbat, the Whining, Dastardly, Dunce. (paraphrased)

- some respect...intelligent people are busy trying to enjoy their chess community.

@Onyx_Chess So in addition to posting an insult-filled 1,550-word manifesto last night, now you're taunting users with a rap video and a video of a crying baby? And you think other people are the problem?

How very original. I say your throwing a tantrum and you come up with a video of a crying baby. For someone who resorts to insults immediately I would think you would be able to come up with your own.