What did you obtain from Bullet of 1 min in life and reality?

Please tell me what you learned on 1 min Bullet.

Thinking fast might be useful but Bullet is mainly raping the mouse. I cannot recommend it as a training‘s tool. Maybe for other e-sports or poker (premoving) but not for chess.

Bullet is very effective for life.
Chess is very similar to reality. More deeply, business included.
Using time to think much isn't a rational way to succeed something and that means delays to make actions that results in other people go ahead.
Aiming at perfection makes the loss of results since we run out of time and setbacks.
Thinking is important, but too much one of that is opposite of that.
We can obtain faster decisive skills from Bullet.

More efficient way is not taking too much time and moving stably.

With my low rating bullet is just mouse skills, intuitive moving without thinking and setting up cheap traps. Players as low rated as me or even weaker shouldn't play bullet. Even with one thousend 1+0 bullet games one learns less than with one long otb tournament game.

Fast decision making is also important on blitz or rapid chess and even in standard chess when the time goes low. So bullet is obsolete.

Speed is useful but those extreme mouseskills are useless in chess and life.

People in bullet so often use the mouse/time/cheap trick to explain loses that would should remove the phrase "I'm wrong" from the English language.

"... in life and reality." ????

Is this an idiom?

Again, I played almost nothing but 1 minute bullet and went 1500 to 2250 in a little over a year (including in blitz) or whatever my profile shows.

Speed of your games has NOTHING to do with anything. What matters is what happens AFTER the game. Did you analyze the game and look up relevant lines in your opening repertoire book? Did you understand your mistakes and improved your opening for the next game? Or did you mindlessly click “next opponent”? THAT will make a difference. You must WORK on your game slowly. How fast you play one individual game makes no difference. As long as it’s followed by slow work to improve your game.

Brain doesn't get activated well with less speed like the engines of cars go into stalls.
Aiming at perfection as thinking much overlaps that.

Don't forget life as only once.
Don't run so fast as well as not thinking much with taking much time.