What did you obtain from Bullet of 1 min in life and reality?

I know, I think pretty fast and I beat GMs otb in Blitz. But I cannot bring myself to this mouse-bashing online (bullet). Think this is useless for your (chess) career if you can do x premoves in y time. You have a high bullet number then, nothing else.


Nah, it’s the same thing, my blitz rose same as bullet, it’s all chess. There is really no difference between 2 minute bullet and 3 minute blitz. Even 8 minutes, come on, what can you actually calculate in 8 minute game? Can you work out a sac on h6 that has about 20 possible continuations? If you don’t have a good 20 minutes for that you got no shot often. Some complex positions you need about 40 minutes...

I think I watched your favorite video last night! Daniel Naroditsky Flagging Instructional!

I’m not making this up LOL

He has an entire video teaching you how to flag people. He carefully examines his games with Alireza where they both tried to flag one another, he revealed complex strategies about various loops in pre-moves and how to anticipate opponent’s pre-moves.

I immediately thought this will be Sargon’s favorite video on chess ever!!!

I mean the strategy and thought process that goes into flagging and pre-moving is so much more complex than what I thought it is LOL

I learned that this is no longer my world. I learned that I am a fossil. One of a dying breed. Maybe still tolerated, but no longer at home in this world.

When I started playing chess it was all about sitting down for hours to a comfortably slow game, going into a deep think, forgetting the world around you for a while and relaxing. People used to be polite and the atmosphere was mostly tranquil, quiet and peaceful.

Nowadays it's all about speed. All is hectic, loud and fast. There is trash talk and disrespect. People checking the latest soccer results on their smartphones, even taking phone calls, during (casual) games. At the chess clubs it is hard to find somebody willing to play rapid, let alone a good slow game with full 2h/40+30min. I didn't like Blitz when it started to get so popular that people where playing it almost to the exclusion of anything else. Bullet was just unreal. Now it is taking the place of real chess more and more.

Not only in chess. Everywhere and in all aspects of life people are so obsessed with speed. Impatience and short attention spans seem to be the norm. No longer fun. Youths on skateboards will almost run you over on the sidewalk as they speed by with loud rap or hiphop music polluting the air around them. Everybody is running from one place to another. Always in a hurry. Always hectic.

So few people seem to take the time to enjoy the good things in life. Look at the flowers, watch the birds in the sky and sit down for a while on a quiet bench in the park, doing nothing, just taking a breath and letting your thoughts drift and feeling the moment, maybe reading a good book. Enjoying a good meal, not just wolfing down some fast food. That's the real life. I pity those who have forgotten or never knew to really live. For them life is just an endless race and in the end they may or may not realize the things they have missed out on in their thirst for speed.

Bullet chess and the attention it is getting nowadays really made me realize this change the world has suffered during the last decades. And it also made me appreciate the slower time controls even more. I'll no longer take them for granted and I'm glad that they are still around for me and my kin to enjoy.

It seems that this guy (Tang) spoils his chess career. He sacs it for the sake of bullet/streaming/whatever. I mean it is his choice.

Like that other asian guy before. The nick was starwars or startrek and he was the toprated bullet player on some servers. ;)

@Sefegiru very nice put. I couldn't agree more on your point. When was the last time you saw someone just sitting in the park looking around, or in a pub, just drinking beer? With smartphones literary every second of one's time is busy, people forgot how to relax and just "sit on the ball".

Deep concentration in a chess game can be one of the most enjoyable things, if you know how to appreciate it. Unfortunately, less and less people do these days.