What causes winning and losing streaks?

When I feel really confident am not stressed and not distracted. I tend to win most of my games. Sometimes, I play really well. Sometimes I just play solid and don't blunder. Sometimes, I get lucky that my opponent chokes or makes a silly blunder or loses on time when ahead on time in a winning position. Conversely, when I am on a losing streak, I make the silliest blunders that I see once I make my move. I get into time pressure in winning positions and choke and unable to convert them. I also seem to play so slow that I will get into time pressure and either lose on time or make a blunder.

Other than the reasons that I listed what causes these win streaks and losing streaks? The losing streaks can sometimes become maddening because I should win those games in my sleep. Also, what if anything can be done about them? Obviously, you can take a break when you are on a losing streak but is there any way to reset and clear your mind?

Until I find consistancy, I will not attain my rating goals for blitz and rapid. Although, rapid I feel that I can attain my goals but the games take a lot longer so you can only play so many a day if you don't have all the time in the world. So I definately want to feel confident when I play Rapid games.
A major factor is if your mind is stressed. A bad day at work can cause your mind to be working on other things besides chess. If you feel anxious or are threatened chances are your going to have a bad day on the chess board.
> What causes winning and losing streaks?

Skills, luck, management of emotions.
I used to believe that luck played no part in chess games or at best very little but when your opponent blunders and you take advantage of that you are somewhat lucky. Also, when someone plays into your known traps or opening lines that you are prepared for again you are lucky. Of course vice versa. I think when you are on a losing streak the best thing is to take a break for at least a day to regroup and to reset your mindset. I have to work on stopping myself from beating myself which sometimes I am able to do and then I do well but in blitz when I am on win streak, I do sometimes get really lucky and play on in a resignable position and my opponent will lose on time even being ahead on time. The same thing happens to me where I have blown games that are totally won and can't catch up on the clock and can't win on the board. Emotions are a big part of blitz chess as well. It's difficult to forget that you missed a totally winning move that you would have played had you taken a bit longer to think and to not let blundering bother you when you had a winning position and the game may be about even.
I have noticed that the strength of opponents varies a little bit based on time-of-day. So it could happen that you streak up against weak opponents and then streak back down against strong ones. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing great but when I look carefully I actually blunder same as normal just I don't get punished as much.
For me , how much vodka I've had and time of day. If I'm in 'the zone' I can win , but then if a cheater comes along, a lower rated opponent and destroys me it can take me days to recover, I have no proof so there is nothing I can do. Paranoia you could say. Still no proof. I have to take it on the chin ,get up and start again. From scratch, and know that I am at least a half decent player. Cheaters are destroying on line chess but I have to accept that it is part of on line chess and always will be and that saddens me. They make me feel stupid and useless xxx

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