ultrabullet isn't really real chess... I wouldn't say OTB rating is that closely related to ultrabullet

I had not updated my USCF rating for a while, but I think it is higher than 1246 now, and my rapid rating in much lower than his, so I think his USCF rating may be inaccurate.
But, in any case, should anyone be marked a cheater for misreporting USCF rating?

no his uscf page says its still 1200, but with only 4 tournaments.
Btw I might know why u were banned. Some people are in studies at the same time as they are playing a game. Maybe u did that once and got banned because it is considered cheating, even if the study has nothing to do with it

No i do studies off game @thekid456 as for the ultra bullet. Its called practicing sweetie i used to suck at ultra bullet but with practice comes perfect and i waas able to climb to at least 2000.

I know I use studies too :D, I'm just saying maybe one time u forgot to close out a tab which you had a study on, and someone thot u were cheating which isn't true :(

how can someone have the time to see stockfish on an ultra game?? i think anyone can cheat on ultra but they will lose on time, i dont get how someone gets mark for cheating on a time control that is practically uncheatable...

It's because for some games he doesn't move the pieces himself but has a bot do it. That is why his almost perfect games have his move times form a straight line - the bot moves after the same amount of time every move. He is not cheating every game but just from time to time, however he has more perfect ultra-bullet games in one day then a master has at classical time controls in one year. Look at his move times in this game:
Are you going to pretend that's a human doing that? Also, check out his game history and when you see the same amount of time for every move you will find he played a perfect or almost perfect game. Coincidence? I think not.