Well dude ofc anyone can have a perfect game in 12 moves.

Here's a game I played, 0/0/0. Was I cheating? Nope. I just happened to play a good game.

If someone has 10 straight 0/0/0 games and their move times are all around the same time, sure, you could say they're cheating. But I don't see that with thotimus...

I am not disagreeing with that, move 5.Qf3, for example, just attacks the black bishop and pins the pawn, no 15 move long tale ender.
I also played a 0/0/1 game once, but that was classical, on the other hand it was longer and I am a patzer.

tbh lets wait for lichess reply than arguing here I do support Thotimusprime2 he is not a cheater . I think cheater won't stream, won't make studies, won't have friends you know? cheaters are mostly people who don't want to show themselves. Just my opinion