@thotimusprime2 was marked as a cheater tonight. I am relatively sure he doesn't cheat- he regularly streams and plays like a normal human would. Exactly where is the evidence that he is cheating? If lichess mods would show me please do, because from playing with him and spectating him I'm fairly certain he does not cheat.

thanks @AB1GN3RD .
Right now im trying to write aN APPEAL TO LICHESS. And i seriously do not know what i did wrong? I stream to show my games like seriously? Nah this cannot happen

I've got to agree. Thotimus is just a good player, and all of his games he plays like a regular human. He makes blunders and all of that and even streams and you can watch him play. I think him being marked a cheater must have been a mistake

If there's proof, and it's shown, then I'll believe it. But from what I know... he looks legit

idk dude idk. I was playing ultra (got third with a performance of 1900 something) then played blitz terribly then this happened?

that stuff happens, idk why a streamer gets banned
This game has a low centipawn loss and a couple of matching moves, but the moves are intuitive, I see no "computer moves" or evidence of superhuman tactical ability.
This game is also only 12 moves long.

@Allonautilus So what?

I've played an 0/0/0 blitz game perfectly legit, with a lot of matching moves (not all but still). It was only a 20 move game but still, anyone can have a good game sometimes. Just one game isn't near enough proof imo. Plus that doesnt even look like a cheater's game, the moves look pretty natural