This is why i think Hans Niemann is cheating

"I really don't like cheats, even the kids in school that used to take caffeine and ginseng tablets during exams riled me."

why is caffeine before exams bad again? That isnt cheating.

@coledavis said in #7:
> Carlsen should have quietly reported his suspicions to the tournament authorities. Then the business of deciding between legitimate and dishonest play could be decided objectively and without so much fuss.
Decide objectively? How in the world would the tournament authorities do that?

@Nomoreusernames @ninehundredsixty @AlexiHarvey @MentalFugues @Aighearach @coledavis @MentalFugues @kassanen @WassimBerbar so you guys really think that he simply improved even tho he can't explain the moves he makes or even show what he calculated? Even a 1200 can explain why he made a move. When he was asked to explain his moves he simply said "I don't have to" and "It was a psychological move". And why he tried to calculate the line he even lost a piece and got a losing position for white lol You guys really think this man see brilliant moves in his mind and make them without knowing the lines? Are you really that naive? Even we're talking about a guy with a clean history then fine. But we're talking about a guy that has cheated before and not so long ago. And again, it's possible to any player to cheat OTB if he gets inside help.

Also, he said he studied the opening Carlsen used by accident the night before the game. And when asked about which game was it he answered a game that doesn't exist. So you guys really believe that he can remember all the 20 moves of a opening that he studied 1 day before but he can't remember which game was it? Do you really think his explanation makes

You have to admit this all history is at least very weird. And you're defending this guy like he never cheated before. I'm buffled that some of you are even angry at GMs like Magnus and Hikaru for being suspicious about this guy because he has cheated before

@sheckley666 I'm saying he is a good player but cheated his way to get cross the 2500 barrier and reach the 2700. It's a known fact that you can literally buy a GM norm if you have enough money. That's why Fide wants to change the way they give the GM title. So i don't really understand why people are chocked that people are suspicious that a guy who cheated 3 years ago cheated to get almost 250 rating points in less than 2 years

What if Hans did not cheat with Stockfish 15 but rather a bot that immitates his style, or a different bot.

There are non metalic batteries.

What if a tiny laser draws an ultraviolet line on the board visible only through soecial contacts? They should have infrared and ultraviolet security cameras aimed at the boards.

No watches or any other electronic devices allowed. Always have electromatic sensors. But only a world championship could afford this security.

@valjr92 Okay, but then he should have been able to give a proper after game analysis. And if we assume, that a 24xx player can fail to give such an analysis, then we must also assume that a 27xx player can fail with it. And this makes the whole argument fall apart.

Eyon-Chess shared the following:

From press release yesterday or today:

"We have shared detailed evidence with him concerning our decision, including information that contradicts his statements regarding the amount and seriousness of his cheating on"

All comes down to this where is the evidence? All I see are accusations.

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