Study controls for Interactive Lessons?

How can I add controls in my Studies that prompt students with buttons that say "Your Move" and then "Next Chapter, Play Again, Analyze" for good moves, or "Retry" for bad moves?

I tried that but I don't get those controls showing up at all. I get some boxes that say things like "Help the Player Find the initial move," "Optional on demand hint for the player," and "Give the player a tip so they can find the right move."
Nothing that allows me to turn on any controls such as "Your Move," "Next Chapter, Play Again, Analyze" for good moves, or "Retry" for bad moves. These do not come up automatically for me even though I have selected "Interactive Lesson" as the Analysis Mode in Chapter settings.
Is there a tutorial somewhere for how this is supposed to work so I can see what I'm doing wrong?

@tfeledy If a player inputs the wrong move, it will say "retry" and "next chapter, play again, analyze" automatically i think. At the beginning, it says "your turn, find the best move for [side.]"

This happens with other players' Studies, like those of Yushan
The moment you click on one of his chapters, you get the controls I mentioned above.
Yet when I select "Interactive Lesson" as the Analysis Mode in my Chapter settings, I cannot get that to happen with my studies. How does Yushan do it?

If you finish the chapter, it says analyse and these things! You can choose a move and if a player does it wrong it says retry!
You can give him a tip.

If you are at the end, you can preview by clicking on the button with preview!

When you are in your study, you need to click the preview button: