Slav or QGD - Debate Forum!

@Sarg0n Yes, exactly. 1. d4! may be "dull", but leads to interesting battles. 1. d4 does not mean you are a positional player (an error that even grandmasters make)!!!!!

Any first move offers great chances for both sides.

@spd7693 I edited my post to say "can lead" rather than "commonly does", I fully agree with what you said. I said "not an opening" however since it does not commit to a specific system - you need more moves for it to become a specific opening system. However I realise that my post and wording were confusing haha

@Sarg0n Well, you seem to forget that half of the top GMs still play 1.e4 to push for a win. Open variations can suit most playing styles. I'm not saying 1.e4 is the absolute best but I am saying that the fact that you play 1.e4 or 1.d4 does not make you a better player. Unless you are worth 4500 elo of course

@tpr My opinion of the best first moves for:
Classical time control
#1 1. d4
#2 1. c4
#2 (tied) 1. e4
Rapid time control
#1 1. d4
#2 1. c4
#3 1. e4
Blitz time control
#1 1. e4
#2 1. d4
#3 1. c4
Bullet time control
#1 1. f4
#2 1. g4
#3 1. Na3