Slav or QGD - Debate Forum!

Slav and Queen's Gambit Declined/QGD players always get into debate about which is the best. I play both and personally think both are strong and solid. What is your opinion?

1. Do not offend people.
2. Do not troll.
That's all! Lets begin

Slav all the way. I dont like the QGD and how it blocks my bishop
And slav is gives black more space.

Now both the horseys (knights ;D) and bishops should like the Slav because they are placed a bit more actively. Arguably, after many different freeing breaks in the QGD (c5, e5) black's pieces can get really strong.

Why play any of those when 1...Nf6 and your opponent can resign :))

Lmao anyway does the semi-slav count?

Nah it aight. So yeah, +1 to the Slav/Semi-Slav. My reason is just that complicated and fun positions that arise from the variations such as the Moscow :D If Black knows it a little better than White, White will be walking on a flaming tightrope to win lmao.

Nobody can tell for sure.
2...c6 blocks the natural square of Nb8
2...e6 shuts in Bc8, but the most promising continuation for white involves cxd5, which liberates Bc8 again