I Love Sicilian as black some guys can be like. Sicilian sucks! Do you guys hate Sicilian?

it's awesome. most people say it sucks because they don't understand the theory and don't want to put the time in to learn it. (mainly d4 players)

Yep. I play 1 e4 a lot and I hate Sicilian. Too many complex variations to learn. I finally decided to use Morra gambit because at least it is a limited field of knowledge. More power to you people who can learn all that stuff. I have great respect and disdain for you.

There is a great statement from Karpov sometime in his twilight years of 1990's: I'm kind of glad those days of every game being a Sicilian are over. Even though he had a fairly good score against it, he was weary of the opening.

hi chess. your topic was good I read it all. I like Sicilian a lot it is chilly with some variations

Being new to chess. I thought this was some kind of racial troll. Hahaha

There is something about personality in chess. As black, do you want symmetry and trying to maintain equilibrium? I think it’s sooooo boring.... Or do you want to defend? Ewww.... why would you want to defend? Or do you want to do your own attack and hope that your attack happens faster and better than white’s attack? Then Sicilian is for you.

Ok I like the Alapin sicilian for white (2. c3, avoiding the 2. Nf3 mainlines). But I avoid the sicilian as black.