Scandinavian Opening (Good Or Bad?)

Don’t worry about computer eval of your opening.

Computer hates Albin, for example, it believes that white is simply a pawn up, but practically speaking the gambit is equal, since black regain the pawn much much later, if at all, but white can stumble and lose at any moment. Same with Morra gambit, same with Dragon Yogoslav, in many lines stockfish feels that white is +1.29 etc., but from that very position I win MORE games than lose. Stockfish evaluation is not everything. As Alpha Zero showed. It is true that we are not Alpha Zero, but our opponent is not Stockfish :) (Usually)

It is a good practical choice for people who like to play these positions.

@Karpfenkopf maybe, or carlsen(or whoever you base your judgement on) says that opening is soso but cool with this opponent but an untouchable nightmare against that opponent .

Does anybody switch it up between Qd8 Scandi and Nf6 Scandi with their real life OTB club opponents to make it a little harder to prepare against?

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