Scandinavian Opening (Good Or Bad?)

Hey Everyone. So I recently started using the Scandinavian Defense. (e4, d5) I wanted to know what you think of the opening. This video talks about the benefits of it

Well, it's good. As long as you don't go for the mieses Kotroc. Just play the modern Scandinavian. It's much better

It should be bad: bringing the queen out too early and losing time.
It seems to be good: played at top level.

Scandi is a good line for players who don't want to learn a lot of theory... you can usually reach a decent position very easily and without too much risk, It's traditionally considered somewhat dubious, but it's playable even at top levels and Black scores reasonably well with it.

I play this consistently - if you play it as Black, the big choice is on the second move. 2. ... Qxd5 tends towards a solid but slightly passive position for Black, many similarities with a Caro-Kann. 2 ... Nf6 allows for much more aggressive play such as the Portuguese variation (3. d4 Bg4) or the Icelandic gambit (3. c4 e6) where Black is actively trying to win the game in the first thirty moves.

@tpr maybe caruana just became too obvious, he always seems to be about pushing pawns....Joke @piscatorox i thought c6 is all the rage after c4. @LaserGuy i assume its a tad more difficult otherwise more would play it.

Just to "quote" John Shaw " Qd8 Scandi is best and it is hard to prove an advantage for white"
All the gambit ideas for black should not be 100% correct if white knows what to do. But in the end it is still a practical game :)

@Subomega if White takes the pawn after c6 then it is strong for Black and easy to play. But after c6 there is a straight transformation to the Panov-Botvinnik Caro-Kann after d4.

@Hausierer agreed, they should not work on the highest levels. But they are fun to play as Black and offer good practical chances - indeed even in the lichess Masters opening database Black gets a plus score in the Icelandic gambit accepted.