Scandinavian Opening (Good Or Bad?)

I think if Qxd5,Nc3, Qd6 takes u into an ok position
After exd5 u can also go c6 to gambit the pawn for faster development and the queen can also go to b6 in the late opening. Good Luck!

@piscatorox This is what people always like to forget, the practical aspect of chess. I had quite a lot "terrible positions " in tournament games which were a pain in the ass where the engine told me Im drawing because of finesse on move 7 in the djungle of variants. Amateurs take engine evaluations way too serious. Just play smthg what you enjoy and is not too bad and you will have fun + good to go.

I've played the ...Qd6 and ...Qd8 scandi. (I tested the ...Qa5 scandi a bit, but didn't like it.)
The main problems I had with the ...Qd6 scandi was dealing with the knight on e5 and I didn't like white's safe advantage. The ...Qd8 Scadi gave me better results, but I still gave up on the scandi because more often than not I was facing a small annoying push from white in these lines.

But good luck with playing the Scandi.

My favourite defense, and I always play 3... Qd8. It never ever failed me, unless I make some terrible blunder. I play it in blitz, rapid, classical, OTB. It's straightforward, you have enough space, no weaknesses, simple theory based on general principles. You can also vary between plans, to make your opponent harder to prepare against you in OTB tournaments. Yes, the engine evaluates typical positions as -0.4, but it's so easy to play it that I don't mind having worse computer evaluated position.

EDIT. I made I typo, I meant +0.4

Droping pawns without compensation is ok too, a lot of gms do it in online play. Don't know about d6, but online play means little.

Also if it were as easy as just copying carlsen, everyone would do it i assume.