Pretend that you're not mad

Nothing is more funny and ridiculous than an opponent losing their cool when losing.

For that reason, when losing a game, I don't want my opponent to know how mad I am. Maybe they beat me, but they won't have the satisfaction of seeing me rage!

The best way to go about it is to be polite and nice even in the face of defeat.

Because it's quite hard to achieve, I made this userscript to help:

Now when I lose or draw, "Good game" is automatically sent in the chat. My opponent is deprived of the joy of making me mad, and as a result I feel a bit less mad.

I hope this script will make your days brighter as it made mine.

Here's how to install userscripts:

And here's the script that says "Good game":

I applaud the sentiment and agree 100 percent. Don’t give your opponent the satisfaction. However, another argument is that people shouldn’t get mad over losing a chess game anyway.

Also, “good game” and similar can always be interpreted ironically and also taken as evidence of your opponent having a pout. I prefer silence in victory or in defeat, unless I personally know my opponent.

I actually feel sorry for my opponent if they are mad when they lose. It means the match means a lot to them if they are upset.

Ways to say fairwell after a game of chess:

Twas a joy.
I'm touched.
I'm still smiling.
An enlightening game.
That was a learning experience.
Nice challenging positions.
Ah, it's over, Goodbye!
Wow, what a game.
Now that took character.
Yeah, another milestone.
I can live with that.
That was effective.
That was a tough one.
That was mind-blowing.
What a roller-coaster, that was.
Cheers, it's over.
Ah, I'm back to my comfort zone.
I'm still here.
No hard feelings. :)
Well done.
To say the least, my respects, take care.

Instead of words, maybe a smiley gif :) hand shake.

You're the best, @thibault

These are all great! Hang on, I'll update the script so a random message is sent from a list.

hahaha best topic ever. ive been trying this alot myself. especially lately, as i got smarter. :D though, another method is to do what abraham lincoln and mark twain did and write criticisms, but never send them. only give positive feedback! :D it is in the book "how to win friends and influence people". also customer support in companies mainly is there to listen to people besides solving problems. yeah it is a struggle to push aside ones ego and see the reality of the situation, but when it happens, its a good feeling and it promotes progress. the "good game" "well played" i click instantly without thought now, so it forces me to be nice and treat my opponent like a human being and with respect. now 2-3 years ago, i used to punch walls! :D haha. Ive come a long way, and this is only possible because of the amazing functions provided by lichess, insight from other people, and reflecting on things. good stuff. i cannot express how much i love this post! :D

Don't pretend that, don't leave those who loose you a winning game, call them pig, dog or anything to emit your frustration.

#2 I prefer silence in victory or in defeat

Unfortunately life doesn't come with a script...