Pretend that you're not mad

I never got the thing working. Why is it not working for me.
Not many have installed it yet ...

@thibault I think sometimes saying "well done" on a draw is rude, it feels rude to me anyway.

some draws are missed wins for my opponent, they might have been dominating, vacuumed up all my pieces and a few moves from checkmating me when they run out of time, then they get a message from me "well done", which to me could sound like i'm rubbing their missed win in their face.

I think those could be add to the script too, they aren't too agressive :D
> Nice try... lol
> Never try to flag the flagger
> Too weak too slow
> And still...
> Easy peasy
> "Don't cry tonight"
> Ping win
> Learn your openings
> Call me tactician
> Too fast too weak
> Get win or die tryin, rematch?
> You never learn, don't you?
> Patzer is your middle name?
> Adoption in progress...

What is defeat? It' just a game. Important is, in real life you are the winner. That is the only thing that really counts. Continue to keep self-respect that is all.

I've given myself 3rd degree burns in about 3-4 different games in the past 48 hours.

My instinct is to SMILE and LAUGH AT MYSELF, and say "Good Game. Thanks" just like after every other loss.
(although I often forget to say "ggty".)

Why do I smile?

I smile because these are not points that I deserved to lose, and I know that I will get them back.

I did a great job choosing moves on the better side of my capability.
I made some real considerations that I'm proud of.
This is ALWAYS a privilege and the reason that I play.

Making a small oversight does nothing to mitigate this point.

Albeit, it's nicer to see the win.


I'd rather have enough competence to savage my opponents, but lose on the odd tactical blunder, rather than to be consistently outplayed, only to win the odd game because my opponent blundered.


All I need is my noise-cancelling track on my headset, and some time to play undistracted, and those points come flooding back with interest.

Chess is a process, that's why it rhymes; and we shouldn't lose sight of that.


Imagine having the strength to laugh at yourself when you make a stupid mistake and drop an otherwise exemplary game?

Isn't that a character-set that's worth working towards?

Aren't these the kinds of people that we want to be around and be like?


Bonus Material:

To those that regularly show good sportsmanship and look for ways to improve online chess and Lichess in specific, this is for you:

Worst case scenario, you don't like it and never use it again. But for some of you, you will play for what seems like 12 minutes, look at the clock, and see that you've only used 4 minutes on the clock. Yes. It is effectively a "time hack". Enjoy!

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