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I again propose to show the question mark for calls in "play - lobby".
I sometimes want to play a non-rating game, but I want to play with an opponent whose rating is known. I accept the challenge of the game, and when the game begins, it turns out that the player's rating is still unknown. So sometimes do strong players. They do not play rating games and their ratings remain small. People think that they are playing with the player 1600, and there can be a player of 2000. Please, make sure that the question mark was immediately visible. Most likely it can be done very easily.
I do not want to play with such players. They do not play rating games and do not determine their rating specifically.
So I accept the game, I see that the player's rating is unknown and I cancel the game. And we both start the search again. We're both wasting time. What for?
Thank you.

An excellent suggestion Sir, I whole heartedly agree.

Oh my god! Thank you!!! We did it! :)
Thanks all.

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