Players starting a new game while in a loosing possition

Rage quitting is punishable with time outs and a permanent ban.

Since losing on time and resigning hold the same result on the rating, there's only a couple of psychological reason for not resigning. The main reason is the make you "suffer". Since rage quitting is intentional, the web site can detect between leaving and being disconnected, the penalties should be the strictest we can implement.

Lichess should not allow to start a new game when a game in progress is unfinished.

„The Root of all Evil“

I proposed two modi:

-a regular one, just one game per player is allowed, „normal“ mode
-a special simultaneous mode: for simuls etc, your opponents have to agree to play against promischessuous players

Or just allow simultaneous games above say 15‘ periods.

I often get bored just playing one game. Should I have my rights(privileges) restricted because others can't handle losing? Maybe I should start another game on another chess site and get accused of cheating?

@Sarg0n Please explain what is proven. Is it the former statement, the latter, or both? Does my concerns just prove #13. BTW, I'm serious, I really want to know.

I don't belive restricting players is the way to go. At first It seemed trivial to implement but the more I think about it the more complex it seems. I do belive they can do more to target players who don't behave by improving the algorithms.

Right now I won a game against a player who just ran out of time however this time the temp ban warning was shown in chat. His queen got trapped with 10s left. If he closed the window with 2s left I have no problem with it, it makes no difference to me. He lost on time and I didn't have to look at the screen for 3 minutes. It seems like the algorithms could do with TLC.

Having said that, I have some spare time and unlike my chess, my understanding of algorithms are not half bad.

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