Players starting a new game while in a loosing possition

I had a winning position . My opponent stopped moving. This has happened before and after some minutes you can claim victory and there is a notification in the chat that leaving without resigning will result in a temporary ban.

This time I hovered over my opponents name while waiting for the game to end. He was in a different game already. So I could watch him play a different game while waiting for his clock to run down.

Starting a new game while leaving a game without resigning should result in double punishment!

Yeah they should be imprisoned at Florence ADX with no hope of parole

I would tend to agree with this - I've had this happen. The other trick I've seen is someone making a move 2 seconds before the clock runs out after waiting for a couple of minutes. Just resign already!

I wish I didn't know. This happened again right now and this time no claim victory popup or message threatening a temporary ban. It seems quite common. This knowledge will reduce my quality of life just a tiny bit.

@Haugstve because some people can't handle loosing.

You should definately be able to report people for doing it

In lichess I am pretty sure you can play two games at the same time if you have them open in a different tab, so I guess sometimes this might be the case (even though I doubt it since many players just don't resign and let the time run out on a regular basis)

I think the best incentive is rating points. Make it so that the player who quits without resigning loses 50% more rating points than if they do resign. It's also quite easy to implement.

The only potential concern is that maybe such a reckless modification to the Elo rating system could break the global equilibrium. But does that really matter, given that players come and go all the time? It will also help towards Lichess' rating inflation problem.