Players disappoint by closing the account by lichess

Many of our members are disappointed and have moved to bcz thier account has been closed by lichess
I know many of them they are good high rated players and they won from low rated players still their id's were blocked, if 2100 rated player makes a new id in Lichess and crosses 2200 in 3-4 games so will Lichess consider that the id is using assistance, now many players are afraid of playing in Lichess.
A small suggestion from my side is that the Rating of new id's should not go 200-300 points up instantly.

I fail to see the point in OPs post: Those "good high rated players" were banned exactly for what reason?

I'm pretty sure Lichess does not close accounts, only flag them as cheaters. So, the owners of those accounts have closed them after getting flagged I guess.

We do close accounts where we deem it appropriate.
For example, ban evasion, unauthorized multi-accounting, impersonation, harassment or other offensive conducts, abuse of our infrastructure, etc. This list is non-exhaustive.

Lichess has a more advanced way to detect cheaters than what you are suggesting. There is a whole system featuring a neural network that looks at things such as move times weather you left the tab, and ACPL. Just quickly gaining rating won't make lichess think you are cheating. In fact the rating system is designed to be volatile in the early stages so that good people who just joined lichess from otb chess and other websites can get to their actuall rating quickly.

As per my understanding, you won't get banned unless you cheat. There can be cases where a strong titled player may be given benefit of doubt sometimes. But once you get banned, it typically means that lichess has absolutely no doubts that you have cheated. By the way cheaters will get banned no matter what platform they choose to cheat on.
Just do us a favor and don't cheat. I am sure its more fun for everyone that way.

Lol our Forum Leader closed his account after getting pinged by CreativeThinking

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