pings on different chess sites

I know that both the pull down menu of my profile and show my ping.

But I wanted to test it myself and compare it with another site. In Windows7 this works with pressing simultaneously the windows button and "R", then typing "cmd" and then "ping" or "ping other chess site".

My results on a Saturday morning (I am from middle europe): 187 ms 27 ms


Its not always that perfect on but at the moment I am very glad of course..

My average for lichess is 15 ms, for it's 153 ms. What's remarkable is that I got 4 ms for I guess they have a server really close to me.

lichess has servers in France, probably somewhere in USA (i assume) so this might be 1 reason, but chess24 impresses me , does anyone know where they have servers?

nothing magic about it, has the server in my neighbour country Germany just some 100 km's away

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