Online cheating in chess

Hi to all,
I don't play so many online games because I think that there are too many people that use computer assistance.
I am hoping that this is just my feeling but I think is not. Bellow I would like to insert two games, one playing after strong Gm and one against Super GM or??? What do you guys think? What are your experiences with this topic? Is it possible that those guys cheat on a 3 min game? is there enough time for that?

- Game against real GM

- Game against super-GM or? (account open 01.04.2020.)



Please do not discuss this at the forum. You are kindly requested to use the report functionality. The Lichess-mods will investigate your report as soon as possible. It can take a while, but all cases are looked into.
Please refer:
Is it possible to cheat in 3 min? Absolutely, it's 'possible' to cheat in any time format. even 1 min. Though in faster time controls more automation is needed.

I remember a few years ago there was an anonymous account that rose to the top of the 1 min pool and went undetected for sometime until I (and probably others) reported it. It was a very clever program, made sporadic blunders and had enough fluctuation in its time usage to appear 'human'.

But I don't think your opponents cheated here, certainly not in the GM game, the other game? well nothing is 'impossible' but your position was terrible right out of the opening.
Hi! no tis GM is really strong player, he didnt cheat 100%. I use this just as something to compare how the other guy plays… But newer mind. I report him. Have a nice weakend.
Reports apart, I think that people do cheat not only in 3 minutes but even on 1 minute. The best thing to do, specially in long games, is to play only versus "safe" accounts, accounts with tons of games and clear reputation. Avoid the provisional "?-rated" players, new accounts and completely anonymous accounts.

In doubt... report it. That's what I do.

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