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  2. General Chess Discussion
  3. Official draw rule in chess? Also, theoretical maximum number of moves in one game.

The loss of castling rights is relevant to 3 fold repetition, but not to the 50 move rule.
For pawns to pass each other, they have to capture pieces, i.e. a pawn move and capture at the same time.
It is multiples of 50, not 49. White and black move knights. On move 50 when it would otherwise be a draw, white moves a pawn or captures a knight. Then they move pieces again, until move 100, when a pawn has to move or something has to be captured and so on. Ultimately when a king captures the last remaining piece it is a draw.

Oh yes you are right, somehow I got confused with the castling rights. Giving it a second thought you are also right about the second part.

Probably I am one of the kind to first talk then think sometimes ;)=

thanks guys. makes more sense now