My son's blitz/Rapid vs Puzzle, HUGE gap

Hi, so my 8yr old son and I started playing last year summer and I basically guided/taught him to play .

(I, too, was total noob...didn't even know castle)

Anyway, his 5min rating is 1250/Rapid is 1300/Classical 1550. And his puzzle rating is 2200.

Yes I know Puzzle rating doesn't really reflect on chess rating but I do see this as a HUGE gap.

It's not like he does LOT of Puzzle.

Ever since he reached 1900, I only let him do 2 puzzles a day.

I just feel like this is bit of huge gap...I'm wondering if I should do a different approach for him to play better??

Thank you.

He needs to play more. Puzzles are one thing chess is another. Sounds like he might have talent though.

Puzzles are easy cheatable in various ways. ;) Kids might figure this out quickly.

I found 11 different ways to cheat in your Lichess puzzle rating, but I don’t cheat. I ask my friends to help.

@Sarg0n and @Vertonghen um...So after he went above 1900, what I do is that I setup the puzzle on the physical board.

The reason is, not because he wants to cheat, or looking for a way to cheat,(seriously? That's your best response???)

he tends to make a move too fast when he does it on the computer. All the way through 1800 was okay, wasn't too bad.

But after 1900, he tends to make move bit too fast and not able to come up with the sequential move so I came up with

the idea of putting the puzzle on the actual board.

So, I guess this is cheating...

Not on engine because it is cheating . He should think hard & twice.