If we solve chess, white can force win

I think white has one pawn advantage and it can be force win.
Do you agree?

it's a draw im pretty sure
it's only a 0.2 avantage for white at the beggining

i bet chess wouldnt be solved *BY HUMANS* never

if 1 opening would be losing in 100 moves, black would play the other another and human white won't remember forced 1984384941 moves

@Zhai , I do not believe that it is possible for white to force a win. When chess players were worse, the proportion of games ending in conclusive results was quite high, among chess engines and players, because mistakes were common, and the person making the "next to last blunder" , would win. However, as players and engines, (and A.I's), have gotten stronger , the number of draws has skyrocketed, because neither side makes as many mistakes. With this taken into account, for me to take the view that white can force a win, would be for me to say that stockfish, or komodo, or firefly, or magnus Carlsen, blunder away a win every time they draw with the white pieces. Quite honestly, I think stockfish, and komodo, and firefly, and maybe magnus, are too good for that. Sure, they do it sometimes, but not even close to the number of times they draw as white.


I think you're giving far too much credit to our AIs and top players. If a win is forced (and I think that very few people actually believe that is the case), it wouldn't be a matter of "blundering it away" (I mean, technically this may be the case, but realistically...); it's more a matter of making exactly the right move every single time where move one dictates the mate that occurs at move n (where n is probably large). If an engine (or human) were capable of the depth of analysis to accomplish that, then the game would effectively already be solved.

@kandrc , that is true, but given that neither side is perfect, and bothsides make roughly the same number of mistakes, the inability to find perfect moves is a little bit self negating. However, I see your point.

There are extremely high indicators that chess is a draw. There are broad highways to drawn endgames.

Chess is likely a theoretically drawn game. This is why draw percentages have increased over time and people fear of a "draw death" of chess in high levels

Alpha Zero shows that it looks like a draw.

VS 1e4 it achieves it using Berlin. VS 1d4 it plays QGD?