How To Get Many Followers On Lichess?

I know one thing.

How to create a team with many members without quality.

1) create regular team battle tourneys by that team

2) make entry into the team free of approval

That's it, the team will grow by random visitors who sign up for the tourneys.

Example ( 476 members currently ):

Why would anyone need more followers? I only need a few more slots so I get to follow more people.

My guess is most people who have followers are just those who are friends with each other or part of groups/site groups and I would guess they would get 5-40 on the low end and 85-200 on the higher end.

If you are looking to get 100s/1000s of followers then you need to show quality content in your games/ranking.
Become a popular coach
Have a YouTube Chess Channel with a lot of subs that you advertise on lichess and YT.
Have a chess title while being active in forums/groups/tournaments.

Generally people with a lot of followers fall into at least one of a few categories sometimes more

1) Titled player... Oh a title lets follow them
2) High rating.... Oh high rating lets follow them
3) Chess streamer... Oh a stream lets follow them
4) Strange/cool name for some reason to want to follow them
5) Forum whoring
6) coach that teaches a bunch of people

So to get a lot of followers... Become a GM that streams a lot while you have a high rating with a cool name as you forum whore and coach a bunch of people.

I tend to follow the "Masters" or people I play regularly or wish to rematch in the future. I enjoy watching other peoples playing and styles. I think it's beneficial learning along with studies etc. But that's just myself. I suppose players can look on here as some people do on Facebook as gaining "Friends". It is fine with me if people follow me or not.

@Sargon lol. Would be a nice perfect world were everyone one was happy, if quality created followers... Pitty i forget were i read about, someone analyzed the idea that the better product always wins in the market(better\quality), but he had a good argument how it was not so. For followers its even easier, just watch youtube.