How To Get Many Followers On Lichess?

Have a gold CM, GM, FM, LM, IM, WFM, WGM, WIM, or any other title next to your lichess name.

Step 2: Do anything.
- Post anything on a forum.
- Stream on twitch.
- Play in a tournament.

Edit your profile with this line " Follow me and get followed back " , behave well with the people in chat and play more chess ... This will increase your followers ....

Plus if you want me as your follower than follow me I will surely follow you back ..

I follow people with philospher-names!

Maybe you just need to get out there and make yourself well known, create forum posts and studies, enter tournaments, train really hard, become a grandmaster. Just go for it.

just be yourself and people will love you because you are a beautiful human creature. i love you. thank you