How to delete account completely?

The "close account" option doesn't close account at all and you can restore it so many times as you can.
I hate chess and spend over 3 years on it and doesn't gained any progress. So I don't want permanently losing anymore and don't want to damage my mental health.

How to delete account without restoring?

@SailingLutra If you really want to lose your account, cheat and get banned. But I don't suggest doing this unless you really want to quit chess. Or you could just ask a mod to report you.

@SailingLutra You could change your password to something you cant remember/know.
type random letters to notepad and use that as your password by copy pasting it to change password field.

Accounts cannot be completely deleted. You game history is intermingled with everyone you have ever played with. Closing your account removes all information about you except for the games you've played.

@ConsoleCowboyBebop I don't care about my game history - it's a garbage.
>Closing your account removes all information
No. You can easy restore account and all information will restore. No matter that website saying that you can do it only twice. You can close and restore it unlimited times.

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Lutra Lutra
Why are you here? Get the fuck out. Lichess mods are SJW assholes. 10+15, 15+10, 20+5, 30+0, 30+15, Correspondence.

On a different note, there is no way to permanently delete your account, because that would be meddling with the database.

What do you expect to hear? A magic word, a database hack? Or that someone will tell you how to find an extra special delete button?