How is that people get pissed when you decline a request of move withdrawal?

Let them get pissed. You play chess to win , not to help your opponents.

I can see you're open minded when it comes to discussion. Well done.

@jjupiter6 What did you mean anyway? Did you mean you disagreed with @nayf's opinion on takebacks? Or did you mean they should literally type "In my opinion" before every sentence? Because unless it's an official acting in an official capacity or a quote, what else would it be other than their opinion?

There's no controversy possible : you're entitled to accept or refuse the request whatever your motives or circumstances. By no means someone can become angry at you for a decline, because he would be the one who doesn't respect the rules. Why they get pissed ? They may be convinced that they are right because they do not understand the rights of the others.

"Some people like win, others, the fight"

People which like fight dont like lose (or win) in an easy way. When I play against some friend and they make a huge mistake (maybe by lack of attention) I offer takeback. My desire is fight, if win is too easy it would be boring...

It is very common to say: "oh come on, your queen is 'en prise', pay attention man". But online, by playing rated games, one's desire is win, by disconnection, by flagging, dont matter, any way you can win is acceptable and desirable.

Why people like me would be get pissed? Because we think others guys would think like us! When we find people which cant understand or dont care about that we tend to direct that for for the moral field. We should take a deep breath and try to understand that not everyone thinks the same and there are different goals for each person.

In this case, people like me think takeback is correct because easy win is not desirable. And people that like refuse takeback offer would like win a free-queen in each game they play...

Did I read the situation correctly? It would be nice to hear both sides of this dichotomy ...



In my opinion, the rate of acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s/s; also in my opinion, personally, I believe that murder of children is wrong. But those are just my opinion; I'm very open to other views, especially from deniers of gravity, serial killers, and Nazis.

I think the take back option should be done away with. There's no such thing as a misclick. If you rush or are sloppy it's called a misclick or a mouse slip. It is really just being careless. I have had players move their rook to take my queen in an exchange, and instead they move their rook next to my queen. And I have done the same thing myself.

I live with my mistakes and never ask for or give a take back.


You say "There's no such thing as a misclick" before describing in detail a misclick. You may as well say there is no such thing as logic; you certainly act as if that is your belief.

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