How does one drop more than 100 points in ten days?

i have had the same feeling on my old account, where I was at 2050 at a point for practice but dropped to the 1900s and never came back. But I found it less obvious for real games. I've been grinding this account for about 2-3 hours in total and got my blitz to a 1930 but I wouldnt be surprised if it drops sometimes soon though ;p

I believe anyone's true rating is not your peak rating, but the rating you never seem to go below no matter how badly you play.

It happens often, it's usually a good indicator of a change, probably at the subconscious level, of your play.

Maybe an indicator of a future leap.

Hi @LukaCro,

And I thought it was only me! LOL!! I found that when this happens its best to slow down and see if you can determine what is going wrong. Try and play through it and make it a learning experience. I think it is not so much a chess issue, but rather a mental state issue. If you are mentally focused, the moves just seem to flow naturally.

One thing I tried during OTB games is to do some abdominal breathing. That seems to help with focus. Maybe meditate for 5 minutes focusing on your breathe and relaxation. Unfortunately the instinctive response is to keep playing again and again trying to regain your chess expertise (and rating points). That I feel only makes it worse.

Thanks for sharing.

-- Jim

Yep! This kind of stuff happens all the time, some days (or even weeks), you don't play your best. When I start blundering like that, I usually do something else for a few hours, and not think of chess, before going back.

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